Alamance County v. Sophronia G. Weldon, Heirs; Parcel- ID# 103272  -13.39 acres vac. land located on Bass Mountain Road, Snow Camp, NC.  This Property sold on 6-29-16 for $6,333.88, the bid was upset on 7-14-16 to $11,583.88 and can now be upset through Monday, July 25th, 2016.   (2016 CVD 437)

Beginning at a stake in the eastern boundary of the 60-foot right-of-way of Mountain Road (S.R. 2327) at the southwest corner of Tract No. 9; thence with the south boundary of Tract No. 9 S. 84 deg. 2’ E. 1081.94 ft. to an iron stake in the west boundary of the Henry Hunter Estate; thence with the Hunter line S. 5 deg. 50’ W. 240 ft. to a stone pile; thence with the line of Howard T. Hinshaw S. 5 deg. 50’ W. 268 ft. to an iron stake; thence with the Hinshaw line and the north boundary of the Odell Isley heirs N. 85 deg. 28’ W. 1145.22 ft. to a stake in the east boundary of the said right-of-way; thence with the said right-of-way boundary N. 11 deg. 8’ E. 360.06 ft. to a stake; thence continuing with said right-of-way boundary along an arc of a circle having a radius of 1135.32 ft. a chord course and distance of N. 15 deg. 42’ E. 180.72 ft. to the Beginning; containing 13.37 acres more or less and being the land shown as Tract No. 10 on a plat entitled Property of Thomas Graham Heirs registered in Alamance County Registry in Plat Book 22 at Page 88.  Said land being subject to an easement for the power line now in place thereon.