Work Permits

Q.  Do I need a work permit?

A.  Work permits are required for any youth under the age of 18.  A new work permit is needed for each job a youth works until they turn 18.  For more information about work permits contact the North Carolina Department of Labor at 1-800-LABOR-NC or online at

Q.  What jobs are minors permitted to work?

A.  Generally, youths can only work in office and clerical work, retail sales and services, including food service and gasoline service stations. They are not allowed to work in manufacturing, construction, or occupations involving the use of power-driven machinery, including lawn mowers.  For information on work restrictions for minors, contact the North Carolina Department of Labor at 1-800-LABOR-NC or online at  Work restrictions for minors are also listed on the work permit.

Q.  How do I get a work permit for a minor?

A.  Several years ago the Department of Labor created a new online program to apply for work permits – YEC Auto.  YEC Auto is a more streamlined process that significantly reduces wait time and paperwork for your employees.  When a youth contacts your agency regarding a youth employment certificate they should be advised to go our website click youth employment permit and they should be at the YEC Auto page.  From that page the youth can find all the instructions to complete the form accurately, print it out and begin working.  The entire process can be completed at home, school, a library or any place with a computer connected to the internet and a printer.  There will no longer be a need to go to a DSS office.

To obtain a Youth Employment Certificate online or learn more about Youth Employment in North Carolina please visit our website for YEC Auto instructions:

Q.  I have a work permit for my old job; does it also work for my new job?

A.  No.  Each job requires its own work permit.

Q.  Can I sign the bottom of the form before I bring it in?

A.  No.  The form must be signed in the presence of a Department of Social Services employee.  Failure to follow the instructions will require you to fill out a new permit.

Q.  Where on the Internet are work permits available?

A.  Yes.  Work Permits may be downloaded from the North Carolina Department of Labor.  They are available by visiting this website: