At the Voting Place

If you have any questions about using the voting machine, please contact the Board of Elections at (336) 570-6755.

Voter Information

You will be assigned a voting place within the voting precinct where you live. Our office will assign your precinct when you register or change your address and you will be notified by mail.  You will receive a Voter Card before the election if you are a new voter or have made changes since the last election. This card will indicate the name and location of your voting place. You may also telephone the Elections Office (570-6755) for the location of you voting place.

Transfer Voting

If you fail to change your address by the registration deadline, there is a procedure that allows you to vote. On Election Day, you may go to your old precinct and fill out an Authorization to Vote form. Then, you can take the form to your new precinct where you will be allowed to vote on the voting machine. To avoid the paperwork, change your address by the registration deadline.

Curb-Side Voting

If you are unable to enter the voting place due to your age or physical disability, you will be allowed to vote either in your vehicle or near the voting place. Have someone enter the voting place and inform election officials of your desire to vote in this manner.

Primaries and General Elections

In primaries in North Carolina, you vote only in the primary of the party with which you are affiliated. If you register unaffiliated, you may be allowed to vote in a primary if a party allows unaffiliated voters to vote in their primary.

In the primaries, you NOMINATE candidates, and you ELECT candidates in a general election.

Partisan Elections are held in even-numbered years and Non-Partisan Municipal Elections are held in odd-numbered years.

Presidential Elections are held every four years. The next Presidential Election will be held in 2012. U.S. Senators are elected for six year terms.  Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and members of the State Senate and State House are elected every two years.  Most other offices are elected every four years, terms are staggered.