Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Where can I dispose of old paint? If the paint is a water base paint you can let it dry out and send it the county landfill. If the paint is an oil base paint, you may be able to carry it back to the place where the paint was purchased.

2.    Where can I dispose of old antifreeze?Some tire dealerships install tractor tires and would like this antifreeze to use.

3.     What is Carbon Monoxide?Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that is generated when anything burns.

4.    Where do I dispose of used engine oil?
The County Landfill has a tank that you can put this used oil in.  Also, most auto centers will take the used oil.

5.    Where do I dispose of old gasoline?
If the gasoline is not contaminated, then most private oil distributors will take the gasoline; however, there will be a charge for this service.

6.    What can I legally burn?
You can only burn wood that grows on the property.  You can’t burn any kind of waste products (example: used newspaper, household trash, old building materials).