Tornado WATCH

IT MEANS there is a chance of dangerous weather with damaging winds. Be on the lookout for danger signs listed below and be ready to move quickly to safety if the Warning Signal is given.


IT MEANS a tornado has been sighted. Go at once to the area listed below. If you see or hear the tornado coming, do not wait for the Warning Signal – go to your shelter area if there is time; if not, curl up on the floor and protect yourself as the boy in the picture is doing. If a tornado comes while you are on the school bus, get away from the bus and into a nearby ditch or ravine. Lie down, hands over head.

Danger Signs

Severe Thunderstorms – Thunder, lightning, heavy rains and strong winds

Hail – Pellets of ice from dark-clouded skies

Roaring Noise – Sounds like a hundred railroad locomotives; a crashing thunderous sound

Funnel – Dark, spinning “rope” or column from the sky to the ground
Protect Yourself

Lay face down, draw your knees up under you and cover the back of your head with your hands.