Local Snow Information

Alamance County averages 44 inches of rainfall every year.  Every so often, some of that rainfall turns to snow or ice.  There is no good, solid data on snowfall averages in Alamance County, due to the varied nature of our winters.  Winters 1997-98 and 1998-99 were fairly warm, with only an occasional dusting of snow and ice.  However, winters such as 1992-93 and 1995-96 do occur, where we get large amounts of snow (for this area – that’s more than 3 or 4″ at any one time).
Basic preparation for snowstorms and blizzards is similar to hurricanes: be prepared: keep eyes and ears tuned in to local weather and emergency information; be prepared for utilities loss for several days; have extra blankets just in case; listen to recommendations by local emergency management; and do not expose yourself to this kind of weather unless absolutely necessary – you could be saving your life!