Alamance County GIS Data is Now Available for Download!For those who have software to read and use digital GIS data. All data is in ESRI Shapefile format except Orthophotos. All are in NAD83Stateplane coordinate system (feet).Important! By clicking on links below , you are accepting the disclaimer to the left side of this page.
If you have any questions on the data please call 336-570-4102

Name Size Date Modified
Census Blocks, Tracts 354kb 2000
Watershed 1mb Spring 2005
2ft & 5ft Contours 81mb Summer 2005
Voting Precinct maps in .pdf format. 32mb Spring 2008
City Limits 160kb Quarterly
ETJ 120kb Quarterly
Major Roads 50kb Fall 2008
Hydrology 6mb Winter 2005
Floodplain 1mb Summer 2006
Tax Parcels 13mb Quarterly
Street Centerlines 2mb Quarterly
Zipcodes 40kb Winter 2007

DIGITAL ORTHOPHOTOS are available for download in MrSid format on our FTP site. An Index Map is available within each orthophoto directory to help you locate which photo to download.

2005 Digital Orthophotos – There are now COLOR 200′ scale aerials in MrSid format available from 2005. Remember to download both the *.sid file and *.sdw file associated with each tile in order for each photo to line up correctly.

2000 Digital Orthophotos – These were done in 2000 and are in MrSid format. They are zipped and are black and white.

1974, 1984, 1995 Aerial Photos – These are not complete sets, they are not georeferenced to fit with other GIS data, they are essentially just scanned photos of certain areas of the county. There are indexes in each folder to help you locate which photo you may download (if available). If you don’t see your area then we don’t have it.

Alamance County GIS – Bruce Walker
124 W Elm St Graham, NC 27253
Email: Phone: 336-570-4102

Access GIS Downloads

Digital Orthophotos

By clicking on the links above, you are accepting the following statement regarding data accuracy:

The datasets available for download are not survey grade or a legal document. They are a best approximation of what is on the ground, but do contain errors. The data comes from various sources nationally, the state of North Carolina, and here in Alamance County. Alamance County will not be held responsible for the misuse, misrepresentation, or misinterpretation of the data.This data is a service provided for the benefit for Alamance County citizens.We will constantly strive to improve the quality and expand the amount of data available