All photos must meet the U.S. Passport Agency Photo Requirements ( Please note some requirements are:

  • Photo Size 2″x2″ with a head size 1″ to 1 3/8″.
  • No glare on glasses. Eyes must be visible with no dark shadows. You can smile, but do not close your eyes.
  • White / Off-White background with no shadows or objects in the background of the photo or distorted facial colors. Any faded facial coloring (over-exposures) may cause the scanned picture to be distorted.
  • No uniforms.
  • No headbands.
  • No bangs below the eyebrows that may obscure the eyes.

CAUTION: Not all photo establishments (especially pharmacies) adhere to U.S. Passport Regulations and any photo that does not meet the U.S. Passport requirements may be rejected or your Federal passport processing could be significantly delayed.