Interested in volunteering? Serve on an advisory board today!

Are you interested in land use planning, development, or historic preservation? The Planning Board and the Historic Properties Commission are looking for new members for the coming year.

The Planning Board is an advisory board to the County Commissioners; its responsibilities and duties include the review of new ordinances, review of ordinance amendments, subdivision waivers, and other matters pertaining to long-range land use planning. The Planning Board meets on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room located at 124 West Elm Street in Graham.  The Planning Board has one vacancy for a representative of any township except for Boone Station and Pleasant Grove.

The Historic Properties Commission is an advisory board to the County Commissioners with these main functions:

  • To make recommendations to the local governing board to designate selected properties as historic landmarks.
  • To make recommendations to the local governing board to designate selected areas as historic districts.
  • To approve or disapprove applications from property owners who wish to make changes to properties that are locally designated historic landmarks or are in locally designated historic districts, to ensure that inappropriate changes are not made.
  • To advise and assist the county government in preservation planning.

The Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Conference Room in the Alamance County Office Annex at 217 College Street in Graham. The Historic Properties Commission has an opening to finish a term that expires 12/31/2015, with the option of committing for a full 3-year term after that. Members of this commission should demonstrate a special interest, experience or education in history, architecture, archaeology, or related fields.  To ensure geographic diversity, special consideration will be given to residents of Boone Station, Faucette, Haw River, Melville, Morton, and Thompson Townships.

For more information and a volunteer application, visit our Board Vacancies page or give us a call at 336-570-4053.