The last day to appeal your 2016 tax valuation was April 25, 2016. Appeals for the 2017 tax year may be made once the new 2017 values are published in February/March of 2017.

If you have a concern about the listing or valuation of your real property, please submit the following form to request a review of your property. You will be contacted by phone within one business day after your form is received.

Request for Review 2017

THIS IS NOT AN APPEAL FORM. This form is used to request a review of your property by the Alamance County Tax Department. Our reviewers will be working in the 2017 Tax Year and cannot make changes to your 2016 tax value. Please take into consideration that all values countywide are being reassessed for 2017.

YOU SHOULD BE CONTACTED WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY. Our staff will attempt to contact you by phone within one business day of receiving your request. The actual time until the review is complete depends on the nature of the concern and the availability of our appraisal staff. You will be notified of the expected time to complete the review upon the initial phone contact. A field visit, interior inspection, or additional documentation may be needed to complete the review.

Forms may be hand delivered, e-mailed, or sent to:



GRAHAM, NC  27253