Proposed 2017 Schedule of Values

The Proposed 2017 Schedule of Values was presented at the October 3, 2016 meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. A public hearing regarding this Schedule was held at the October 17 meeting. The final meeting regarding the adoption of the Schedule will be held on the evening of November 21 in the County Commissioners Board Room at the Alamance County Office Building (124 W. Elm St. Graham NC 27253, second floor).

A copy of the proposed Schedule as presented at the October 3 meeting is available below. Additionally, the amendments to this Schedule resulting from citizen review are provided. At the November 21 meeting, the Board of County Commissioners will be asked to adopt the Schedule as amended.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this proposed schedule, please contact us as:

jeremy.akins[at]alamance-nc[dot]com         or         336-570-4119 (direct line)

2009 Schedule of Values

The Schedule of Values is the set of standards and rules that the county uses uniformly to derive the assessed valuation of real property county-wide. The Schedule of Values is created by or under the supervision of the Tax Assessor in the year of revaluation, is submitted to the county commisioners, opened to public hearing, and finally approved and adopted by the county commisioners. After the adoption of the schedule, there is a 30 day appeals period for citizens of the county to challenge it’s validity. Once the appeals period is complete, the Schedule of Values becomes the county standard for the remaining years before the next revaluation.

The 2009 Schedule of Values is online. Click on the link below to view the 2009 Schedule of Values. (zip file)