If you would like to file a formal appeal of your property value to the Alamance County Board of Equalization and Review, please fill out and submit the following form. This form must be submitted before the Board adjourns in April, therefore it is advisable to submit by March 31, 2014.

BOER Appeal Form 2014

THIS FORM REQUESTS A HEARING BEFORE THE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION AND REVIEW. The Board generally meets on Mondays in April from 9 am until the completion of its daily docket. Specific meeting dates will not be set until March and April. You will be notified of your time to appear to present your case and will need to provide all evidence and substantiating materials in advance to be available for the Board members to review. Please note that this meeting will concern your 2014 tax valuation (not prior years) and will be based upon the market conditions and schedule of values adopted in 2008 for the revaluation effective January 1, 2009.

Forms may be hand delivered, e-mailed, or sent to:



GRAHAM, NC  27253

IF YOU ONLY WISH TO REQUEST THAT YOUR VALUE BE REVIEWED BUT DO NOT WISH TO APPEAR BEFORE THE BOARD you may file a Request for Review form by going to the “Relief Programs” tab at the top of this page and selecting “Review Form” from the drop-down list. An appraiser will contact you about your concern and review your property valuation. For many citizens this is the easier alternative to filing an appeal. If you are satisfied with the appraiser’s decision then it becomes final. If you do not agree with the appraiser, you may still file a formal appeal PROVIDED THAT YOUR APPEAL IS FILED BEFORE THE DEADLINE (see above).