***Website under construction – information from the AC HOPE Opioid Community Action Forum to come.***

AC HOPE is Alamance County’s coordinated response to the misuse of opioids and other substances. Building on the energy of Alamance County’s opioid workshop in May of 2018, first responders, public health partners, community advocates, treatment and mental health providers, and others came together to coordinate resources and support strategies that aim to increase treatment and recovery access, promote harm reduction, and enhance community-wide prevention efforts. As a taskforce, AC HOPE believes that no one is without hope and that there is a complete solution to misuse of opioids and other substances.


For those who joined us at the community action forum, look for an e-mail from us soon on our next steps together.

  • Join us at our next work group meetings to be part of the solution. Treatment and Recovery Meeting: March 16, 3-4 pm, at the Cardinal Innovations Training Room
  • Harm Reduction/Prevention Joint Meeting: March 25th at 3:30 pm, at the Hospice of Alamance-Caswell

If you represent an organization, delegate someone to join a work group. Talk to policymakers, colleagues, and neighbors about the importance of addressing the issues at hand and how to get involved with AC HOPE to create an even more vibrant community together.