1 July 2014

The office of the County Manager is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new way to recognize excellent service and dedication by members of Alamance County Government.

Starting July 1, citizens may nominate any member of Alamance County Staff for recognition of service above-and-beyond the call of duty.

The ‘SOAR AWARD’ will be given on a quarterly basis to an employee of Alamance County Government, based on nominations received from citizens. At the end of the fiscal year, a ‘SOAR EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR’ will be selected. At the August Commissioners Meeting the ‘SOAR EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR’ will receive a plaque, a day off and a prize.

All nominees will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Quarterly award winners will receive a Certificate of Achievement, a day off and a prize.

Winners will be chosen by a committee of volunteers consisting of 1 member of County Management, 3 Department Heads and 3 County Employees. For impartiality, nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee with all personal information redacted.

Nomination forms are available in County Offices as well as on the Alamance County Website.

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