As the attacks of September 11, 2001 reverberated, public servants and volunteers from emergency medical services, fire and emergency support, law enforcement, and communications combined their energies to serve, save, and protect.  In May 2013, Alamance County was gifted a piece of World Trade Center 2 as a reminder of the attacks, and the commissioners have decided to use this piece in a memorial to honor those who served and continue to serve.

As a part of this memorial, the commissioners have decided to give the public an opportunity to both offset the costs of the memorial and to be a part of this important part of American history.  There are a number of ways that you can help make this memorial a reality.

  • You can donate to our IndieGoGo campaign at  Please note: portion of your donation through IndieGoGo will go to their maintenance and processing costs.
  • You can share this campaign with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Even if you cannot donate money, you may be able to engage someone who can.
  • You can coordinate with friends, work colleagues, civic organizations, and church groups on group donations.
  • You can send a check to:
    Alamance County 9/11 Memorial
    124 W. Elm St.
    Graham, NC  27253

    We are also seeking votes to help us determine the final location of this memorial.  To learn more about the memorial, donate funds, and vote on this final location, you can visit our memorial website at

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