Please be advised that Charter Communications is experiencing an interruption in their services that may affect 911 service in Alamance County. Charter Communications customers may be unable to use their landline or internet service phone to call 911, however, cell phone service is not affected. At this time, the concentration of residents that have been affected reside in the Glencoe area, but there may be others throughout the county.

Charter Communications contacted the Alamance County Communications Center Saturday, October 13 about the possible disruption of service caused by Hurricane Michael. While their engineers and technicians are unable to troubleshoot a single point of failure at this time, staff are working to restore service as quickly as possible and anticipate full repair by midnight on Tuesday, October 16.

At this time, Alamance County urges Charter Communications customers to find alternate options to contact the Alamance County Communications Center (911) in case of emergency.

For questions relating to Charter Communications service, please contact their customer service team at 833 780-1880 or through email at

Alamance County will continue to provide updates as new information is received.