On January 14, NC DHHS updated their COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan to include adults 65 and older. At that time, Secretary Cohen also stated “We strongly recommend that vaccine providers prioritize people 75 years or older if local demand for vaccination is greater than vaccine supply.”

After reviewing our current and forthcoming vaccine supply, Alamance County Health Department has determined that we will continue the process of vaccinating adults 75 and older, and those first responders and healthcare workers that have not yet been vaccinated. As more vaccine becomes available, the Health Department will begin accepting appointments from persons age 65 and older.

We will reevaluate this decision again next Friday, January 29, 2021. The COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Line will reopen on January 26 at 08:30am to schedule appointments for January 27 until all appointments are filled. The Health Department fills appointments based on its current vaccine supply. Appointments are only being made for first responders and healthcare workers, and adults 75 and older at this time.

The public will be informed of changes and appointment options through the Health Department website, social media, and the local news media.

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