Graham, NC – The Alamance County Information Technology (ACIT) department is aware of recently-created internet domain names that could confuse users. These website domain names are not managed or owned by Alamance County, and users should exercise caution.

ACIT advises the public that Alamance County’s official domain is The county provides its web-based services primarily through that domain or with links on the county websites. The county also provides redirected links through,,, and

“It is vital for people to know who they are doing business with. For Alamance County, and are our primary websites and email addresses. We do not use any other domain to contact people,” says Al Combs, interim ACIT director.

ACIT encourages all computer users to follow safe computing practices. Citizens can find more information about safe computing by doing an internet search for “safe computing practices.”

For more information, please contact Al Combs at

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