Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee

Meeting Schedule:  2:00 p.m. the third Tuesday of each quarter

Meeting Location: JR Kernodle Senior Center

Contact Person and Phone: Miranda Taylor, Ombudsman, (336) 904-0300

Purpose:  To work to maintain the intent of the Adult Care Home Resident’s Bill of Rights within the licensed adult care homes.  To promote community involvement and cooperation with the licensed facilities to ensure quality care for the residents.  Requirements for Membership:  Must be a resident of the county.  Neither member nor immediate family member may have any financial interest in a home served by the committee or be employed with a home, or have a family member residing in a home served by the committee.  General Statute 131D-31.  Established 1984.

Members are required to complete 36 hours of initial orientation and training prior to an appointment on the committee.