EMS Peer Review Committee


Meeting Schedule:                   As called

Meeting Location:                   EMS Center

Contact Person and Phone:     Dr. David Kaminski    336-538-7050


Purpose:  Ensure that a medical review committee as referenced in G.S. 143-518(a)(5), or sub-committee thereof, analyzes system data to evaluate the ongoing quality of patient care and medical direction within the system; use information gained from system data analysis to make recommendations regarding the content of educational programs for EMS personnel; review treatment protocols of the EMS System and make recommendations to the medical director for changes; and establish a written procedure to guarantee reviews for EMS personnel temporarily suspended by the medical director.  Requirements for membership:  Physicians, nurses, medical facility personnel such as pharmacists or respiratory therapists, EMS educators, County government officials, and EMS providers.  G.S. 143-508(b) and 143-509(12).  Established:  February 17, 2003.