Justice Advisory Council

Meeting Times: 1st Tuesday of each month from 8am-9:30am

Meeting Place: Family Justice Center Training [email protected] 1951 Martin Street, Burlington, NC 27217

Length of Terms:  3 years

Contact Person: Adrian Daye, DSS Director and Co-Chair

Contact Phone:  (336) 229-2910

Purpose: To provide oversight for the criminal justice continuum in a comprehensive, community-based and cross-discipline approach.  Five at large seats are appointed by the Board of Commissioners that represent:  1) Local Defense Attorney 2) Faith Based Organization 3) Consumer, NAMI representative or Service Recipient 4) Domestic Violence Victim or Family Member 5) Local Psychiatrist. Established August 2017.

Vacancy: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence or Human Trafficking Survivor, Family Member, or Community Advocate (at least 5 years removed from Crisis Services).