Civil Division, Small Claims (Historic Courthouse)
1 Court Square, Graham NC 27253
Phone: (336) 570-5203, Fax: (336) 570-5201

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Small Claims / Civil Calendar for Alamance County

Small Claims Court handles civil matters involving less than $10,000.00 in controversy and are heard by magistrates instead of judges.  Small claims actions and proceedings are generally far less formal than District and Superior Court counterparts.  Some examples of Small Claims include landlord-tenant disputes, complaints for money owed, and actions seeking the recovery of personal property.

The Clerk’s Office has forms you may fill out to initiate a small claim.  The Clerk’s Office may not instruct you on how to fill out these forms.  You may also access these forms via our website at through the forms link, or click on the links below. Some forms may be two-sided, so make sure to print sides 1 and 2 of the forms.

  • The filing fee for Small Claims court is $96 cash or money order made payable to the Alamance County Clerk of Court.
  • Additionally, there is a $30 service fee for each defendant. This service fee must be in the form of cash or money order payable to the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department. The full amount of the cost and sheriff’s fees may be paid to the clerk.



NOW AVAILABLE! eCourts Guide & File a free online service to help users prepare court documents to file for certain case types.

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Case Types Available:

  • Complaint in Summary Ejectment
  • Answer and Counterclaims in Summary Ejectment
  • Appeal to District Court from Small Claims Court Judgment in Summary Ejectment
  • Petition to Proceed as an Indigent
  • Small Claims Complaint

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Notice of Voluntary Dismissal

If the dispute is settled between the time you file your paperwork and the time you come to court, then you must fill out a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal. This notifies both parties and the courts that the lawsuit has been settled.