Jury Clerk
(2nd floor Criminal Courts Building)
212 W. Elm Street, Graham, NC 27253
phone: (336) 570-5304                                                                                       email: alamance.jury@nccourts.org

If you have been summoned for jury duty, please take a look at the Alamance County Jury Resumption Plan and the video link below that includes the actions we are taking to keep our jurors safe.




The jury system is core to our country’s system of justice.  Jurors play an important role in assuring fairness within the courts.  We understand that serving on a jury takes time out of citizen’s everyday lives.  We appreciate the sacrifice that individuals make to fulfill their duty to serve on a jury.

If you receive a jury summons, please follow the directions as set forth on the summons.  Each summons includes an assigned juror number.  The night before the service date on the summons, jurors should call the Jury Message Line at (336) 570-5205.  The Jury Message Line will provide information as to which jurors are to report for jury duty the next day.  If required to appear, jurors should report to the 2nd floor jury lounge (Room 230) of the Alamance County Criminal Courts Building located 212 W. Elm Street, Graham, NC, at the stated time on the jury summons.

Parking for jurors is located in the adjacent parking lot located to the right of the Criminal Courts Building.

If you have any questions regarding jury service, please contact the jury clerk at (336) 570-5304 or email Alamance.Jury@nccourts.org.

For more information, please follow this link.