Future Sales 

  • Alamance Co. vs. Reginald Niles, Heirs- Parcel ID# 136272 – Vac. Lot on Ray Street, Burlington, NC
  • Alamance Co. vs.  Bennie Kaye Braswell, Sallie Shoffner- Parcel ID# 107568 – 504 Gerringer Street, Gibsonville, NC
    • Alamance Co. vs. Joe Nathan Moses, Heirs -Parcel ID# 123296 -2243 Radiance Dr.,
    •  Alamance County. vs James Bryant Bowman, Heirs:  Parcel ID# 159466 – 1812 S. Jim Minor Road, Haw River, NC
    • Alamance County vs. Norman Forbes Trust:- Parcel ID# 135763- 405 Lakeside Ave., Burlington, NC
    •  Alamance County vs. Eula Mae Foust, Heirs: Parcel ID#140325- 226 Howard Street, Burlington, NC
    • Alamance County vs. Hattie M. Miles, Heirs: Parcel ID# 122928- 2327 Pennsylvania Ave., Burlington, NC
    • Alamance County vs. Ruby C. Morton, Heirs: Parcel ID#132353- a vacant lot located at 810 Avon Ave., Burlington, NC
      • Alamance County vs. Virgiline Suitt Fuller: Parcel ID#165586- vacant land located on Vance Street, Mebane, NC
        • Alamance County vs. David R. Brock and Tina N. Brock: Parcel ID#148418- a house located at 2219 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC: 

          All that certain tract or parcel of land located in Graham Township, Alamance County, North Carolina, adjoining the lands of McKinney Street, Barts Street, Lot Number 92 and others and BEING ALL OF LOT NUMBER NINETY-ONE (91) of Alamance Hills Subdivision, Section Four, as shown by plat recorded in the Register of Deeds for Alamance County, North Carolina, in Plat Book 8, at Page 64, to which plat reference is hereby made for a more complete description. This conveyance is subject to restrictive covenants, rights of way and easements of record, if any. SOLD “AS IS, WHERE IS.”

        • Alamance County vs. Ronald Abbatecola and Camille Abbatecola: 601 S. Beaumont Ave., Burlington, NC Parcel #139027
        • Alamance County vs. Lacy and Emma Alston, Heirs: 10 vacant lots located off of Goldfinch Trail, Burlington, NC #140223, #140243, #140244, #140225, #140206, #140233, #140232, #140245, #140207 & 140234
        • Alamance County vs. Sheila Huff Beckom, Heirs: Parcel ID# 120132- 3056 Bellemont Mt. Hermon Road, Burlington, NC
        • Alamance County vs. Online Properties, Inc.: Parcel ID# 154479- 2303 Bearberry Trail, Burlington, NC
        • Alamance County vs. Owen W. Woods, Heirs: 158999- Vac. acres off of Hwy 54, Graham, NC