Future Sales 

  1. Alamance Co. vs. Reginald Niles, Heirs- Parcel ID# 136272 – Vac. Lot on Ray Street, Burlington, NC.
  2.  Alamance County. vs James Bryant Bowman, Heirs:  Parcel ID# 159466 – a house located at 1812 S. Jim Minor Road, Haw River, NC.
  3. Alamance County vs. Hattie M. Miles, Heirs: Parcel ID# 122928- a house located at 2327 Pennsylvania Ave., Burlington, NC.
  4. Alamance County vs. Ruby C. Morton, Heirs: Parcel ID#132353- a vacant lot located at 810 Avon Ave., Burlington, NC.
  5. Alamance County vs. David R. Brock and Tina N. Brock: Parcel ID#148418- a house located at 2219 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC.
  6. Alamance County vs. Elite Warehousing, LLC: being 3 tracts located in Graham, NC on Parker Street, Parcel ID#’s 146048; # 146399 & # 146420.
  7. Alamance County vs. Dock and Agnes Miles, Heirs: 1634 N. NC Hwy 62 Burlington, NC Parcel ID# 140454.
  8. Alamance County vs. Veatrice & Glennard Taylor: 219 Hall Ave., Burlington, NC Parcel ID# 135663
  9. Alamance County vs. Lloyd H. Crocker, Sr., Heirs: 1036 George Burns Road, Graham, NC Parcel ID# 151356
  10. Alamance County vs. Total Restoration Deliverance Ministry: 401 Mckinley Street, Mebane, NC Parcel ID# 165753
  11. Alamance County vs. Alamance Baptist Church Loop Road Residential Land Trust: Vacant land on Alamance Baptist Church Loop Road, Burlington, NC Parcel ID # 111734
  12. Alamance County vs. Paul Williamson, Jr., and Azell Williamson: 11.05 acres vacant land located on Culberson Lane, Haw River, NC Parcel ID# 159018
  13.  Alamance County vs. Linda Pitts Johnson: 2857 Cardinal Lane, Burlington, NC Parcel ID# 112156.
  14. Alamance County vs. Brenda D. Holmes, Heirs: 229 Elmira Street, Burlington, NC Parcel ID #126338