Adult Services


Q. Can you send someone to help my neighbor? His health seems to be failing and he has no family to help him?
A. We can have a social worker visit him and evaluate his needs and offer services to him if he needs them. He has the right to accept or refuse our services. If he is so incapacitated that he can’t make decisions, we may be able to help him in other ways.

Q. Do you have services for adults who are irresponsible with their finances?
A. We may be able to help set up a representative payee for them or help the family file for guardianship if necessary.

Q. Who do I go to for help if I see someone mistreated in a nursing home?
A. You should immediately notify the administrator or supervising nurse of the problem. You should also report it to the Adult Protective Services social worker in our office at (336) 229-2908 or (336) 570-6532 so we can evaluate the need for protection. If an employee of the nursing home was involved, the Division of Health serivce Regulation in Raleigh, which licenses nursing homes, also needs to investigate the incident. You can reach them at (800) 662-7030 or (919) 733-8500.


In-Home Aid Q & A

Q. Can I get an aide right away?
A. Once you are found to be eligible for the program, the service will begin as soon as an aide is available. Sometimes people do have to wait.

Q. Why does the social worker ask about my income and how often my family comes to see me?
A. An important part of determining who needs aide services is establishing deprivation. Clients who are fortunate enough to have capable and willing family members who see them often are usually not in as much need as clients who have no one. Clients with adequate income have a choice of purchasing some of the services they may need privately. Clients with very little income may need the support of our program because they have no other way to get help.

Q. What should I do if my aide mistreats me or doesn’t do the things I was told would be done?
A. You should call us immediately (336) 570-6532) so that we can help you. Also, because we are licensed by the state to provide this service, you can report problems directly to the licensing agency. You can reach them at the address and number below:

N.C. Division of Health Serivces Regulation
Home Care Licensure Branch
P.O. Box 29530
Raleigh, N. C. 27626-0530
phone: (919) 715-0158

Q. Are there services that your aide program does not provide?
A. Yes. We are not a home health agency and do not provide skilled nursing or hospital level care. Examples of this are administering tube feedings or IV fluids, and doing urinary catheterization.

Crisis Intervention/Intake

Q. Can you help me pay my light bill?
Yes. We have several funds that help pay utility bills (electric, fuel, or water bills) if the person is in a crisis. They are available to clients with low income who have a household member who would be endangered if the utility were turned off. These programs have limits on how much help can be provided.

Q. Is there a way to get food in an emergency?
Yes. Area churches, Alamance Community Services, Loaves & Fishes, Salvation Army, and other non-profit agencies operate food pantries. These agencies depend on items donated by the public. Please contact them before visiting to ensure they have supplies.

Q. Can you get my prescriptions filled?
We may be able to get a prescription filled one time if there is no other way to get your essential medicine. Clients are referred to the Medicaid program that covers most medications for eligible clients.