Work First Employment Services


Q. What is the Mutual Responsibility Agreement that I have to sign?

A. North Carolina law now requires that recipients of cash assistance make a plan to become financially self-sufficient as soon as possible after they began receiving a check. The plan will include activities to assist participants with job search and gaining job readiness skills. Referrals can be made to Vocational Rehabilitation, Child Day Care services, and Work Experience sites. Participants may also be required to attend STEPS, a workshop designed to teach participants job readiness and retention skills. A Work First social worker will also assist participants in identifying barriers that could keep them from gaining employment. We want this plan to succeed for participants financial security and the well-being of their family.

Q. How am I supposed to get to work when I don’t have transportation?

A. Participants are eligible to receive a transportation allowance and a social worker will also help  make a long-term plan for dependable transportation.

Q. How can I find a baby sitter who will keep my kids when I have to work at night?

A. A Work First social worker can help participants apply for child day care services while they are working or seeking employment. A Child Care social worker can assist with finding a quality child care center. Participants may be eligible to receive subsidy services to help pay for child care services.

Q. How can I meet the 35 hours per week work requirements when I can’t find a job?

A.  A Work First social worker will assist participants in locating work that they can do. Employment opportunity lists are provided on a weekly basis with local employers that are currently hiring. The 35 hours can include a variety of activities including work related education, time spent searching for a job, and time spent volunteering in a public or private agency to gain work experience skills. The Human Resource Placement Specialist can assist with job readiness, job search, and financial planning.