Work First Family Assistance (WFFA)

Q. How can I use my WFFA check?
A. The WFFA check can be used in any way that will help the child/children you are getting a check for.

Q. Do I have to report changes to my caseworker?
A. All changes must be reported to the caseworker within 10 days of knowing of the change even if the recipient is required to complete a Quarterly Report.

Q.  Is there any type of help for a crisis with employment?

A.  Work First may help with a one-time cash assistance check and up to three months of Medicaid to meet expenses to help you keep your job or accept a new job, or needs that have come up due to a temporary break in employment. In order to qualify, you must apply for Work First and talk with a case worker who will look at your situation.

Q.  When will my Work First check arrive?

A.  If you have met all of the requirements of the Work First Program, your check will be mailed within the first 10 days of the month. If this is the first month you will receive Work First, this rule does not apply. If after ten working days you have not received your check call your case manager.