Questions & Answers Regarding your Food and Nutrition (EBT) Benefits 

Q: When will March EBT benefits be available?
A: All March EBT benefits will be loaded to your EBT card on March 3rd.

Q:  Will cases ending in February 2019 be extended through March 2019?
A:  No, cases ending in February 2019 will not be extended.  It is important that you provide your recertification document to ensure no lapse in your benefits and/or return any requested information to your caseworker.

Q: My caseworker has requested information for my recertification, should I still turn it in?
A: Yes, please continue to provide all necessary documents as normal

Q: Will April EBT benefits be issued early?
A: At this time, we have not received information regarding the issuance cycle of April EBT benefits.

Q:  A household member has moved in/out of my home, when should I report this change?
A:  Please continue to report all household changes to the Department of Social Services within 10 days of the change.

Q:  Can I apply for Food and Nutrition Services?|
A:  Yes, we continue to accept applications for Food and Nutrition Services

Q:  Will my EBT benefits expire?
A:  EBT benefits will remain on your card for up to twelve months if not spent