Economic Services

Families can lose their ability to provide for themselves through illness, injury, death to the breadwinner, desertion by a supporting mate, natural disaster, or unemployment and underemployment resulting from changes in the job market. When this occurs and when families have exhausted all resources, Alamance County Department of Social Services offers a helping hand through our public assistance services.

We offer support services to enable families to work and meet their basic needs. These include child day care, Work First employment services, medical transportation, county general assistance, Medicaid, and North Carolina Health Choice.

Alamance County Department of Social Services’ Economic Independence Departments partners with individuals and families to achieve success, permanence, and safety. These departments enable families to become self-sufficient or assist families during a crisis through several different programs. The following are available to help families with their needs:

  • Food and Nutrition Services,
  • Family & Children’s Medicaid,
  • Work First Family Assistance,
  • Adult Medicaid (Private Living Arrangement, Special Assistance and Long-Term Care),
  • Child Care, and
  • Work First Employment Services.

When a customer enters our offices to apply for assistance in our Food and Nutrition Services, Family and Children’s’ Medicaid, or Work First Family Assistance areas, a caseworker will complete the application and gather necessary information to determine eligibility. The interview involves explaining the programs and requirements, determining which program would be best for the client based on his/her needs and making any necessary referrals to other units in the agency or community resources as to the client’s needs.

Customers needing assistance through Adult Medicaid would see an intake worker in one of the Adult Medicaid units. The application would be processed and given to an ongoing Adult Medicaid worker.

Child Care assistance is available for parents that are working or attending school and meet the income and eligibility requirements. When there is a waiting list, customers must call or come into the office and place their names on the waiting list. Once their name comes up on the waiting list, they will be contacted and then given an opportunity to apply for services.

Participants in the Work First program receive case management services to assist with their employment barriers. Each participant is required to actively participate, job search or attend school, training and/or classes to achieve self-sufficiency.