Family and Children’s Medicaid

This program helps families with medical bills such as doctor fees, prescription drugs, and hospital charges. There are several different types of Family & Children’s Medicaid which provide medical assistance to those individuals who meet the income requirements for the type Medicaid for which they are applying. When one applies for Medicaid, the worker must evaluate them for all Medicaid programs and enter them into the greater benefit for that client. All have income limits, and some have resource limits. Your caseworker will explain these to you.

If you are eligible for Family & Children’s Medicaid you will receive a gray Medicaid identification card that is mailed annually. Each eligible family member has a specific recipient MID number; however, in some instances, not every member of the same family may be eligible for Medicaid. Family members are only eligible for Medicaid if their name and MID number appear on the card.
Certain income tests apply for each Family & Children’s Medicaid program. If your income or asset level is above the levels that qualify you for Medicaid, you can be evaluated for North Carolina Heath Choice for Children (NCHC). NCHC also provides health insurance for children age 6 to age 19. NCHC has income levels up to 200% of the Federal Poverty level and provides a full package of health care benefits for children age 6 through age 18.

Listed below are some of the types of Family Children’s Medicaid:

WFFA– program that provides financial/medical assistance to families with children under 18.

MAF– Medical Assistance for Families- program of medical assistance for children under age 21, parents or relative caretaker of children under age 19, and pregnant women.

MIC– Medical Assistance for Indigent Children- program of medical assistance for children under age 19.

MPW– Medical Assistance for Pregnant Women-program of medical assistance for pregnancy related expenses only.

Transitional Medicaid– Medical assistance program that provides medical coverage to families who’s Work First Family Assistance has terminated due to excess income.

Application Information:
Application forms are available at the Alamance County Department of Social Services. Applications generally need to be made in person by the applicant or his/her representative. A client or his/her representative may apply for Family and Children’s Medicaid at our office between the normal office hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Receipt of a completed application form begins the application process. The application must first be evaluated for Medicaid eligibility. Any child not eligible for Medicaid is then evaluated for NCHC.

Bringing the following items will aid in the application process:

  • Identification (ex. North Carolina Driver’s License)
  • Social security cards or numbers of all household members
  • Verification of the previous month’s income (ex. wage stubs)
  • Copies of all medical or life insurance policies for all persons for all applicants
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Current statements for any source of income including as child support
  • Proof of alien status for applicants who are not US citizens
  • A list of all cars, trucks, motorcycles or any other vehicles you or anyone in your household own
  • Name and phone number of at least 1 person who can verify who lives with you

The Family will be notified of the approval or denial of benefits as soon as eligibility is determined.