What Documents Do I Need To Bring With Me When I Apply?

Identification: This includes birth certificates, driver’s licenses, or other proof of identity.
Social Security
You will need all Social Security numbers for all household members.
Proof of
Pay stubs showing income for the prior month, a written statement from your employer showing earnings. If you are receiving Child Support or alimony payments, bring proof of them. If you are receiving worker’s comp or unemployment benefits, you must bring proof.
Rent or
Mortgage statements if you own, rent receipts if you rent, or lease agreement if you lease.
Utility Bills: Gas, electric, heating, and phone bills.
You will need proof of bank accounts. These include checking, savings, credit unions, bonds, and CD’s.
These are needed if you or someone in the household is over 60 years old or disabled.
Other: Alien registration card or proof of immigrant status, child care expenses, SSI award letter, rental income.