With rising health care costs, it is becoming extremely difficult for some individuals to pay for medical expenses and insurance costs. The Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) oversees two programs to assist residents with these costs.

North Carolina’s Medicaid program serves approximately one out of every eight people living in our state. Last year, Medicaid served approximately 1.5 million children, aged, blind and/or disabled individuals.

North Carolina Health Choice for Children (NCHC) provides funding for health care coverage to roughly 115,000 children each month whose family income exceeds Medicaid eligibility criteria.

Our goal in Alamance County is to assist families with medical expenses. On average, 18,135 individuals (elderly, disabled adults and children) received health care through our Medicaid program and 1641 children received assistance with North Carolina Health Choice Carolina Health Choice in Alamance County from January 2006 to October 2007.

To help families and individuals with their medical expenses the following services are provided:

Medicaid for:

  • Family & Children
  • Adults
  • North Carolina Health Choice