What is North Carolina Health Choice?

NC Health Choice is a state supported insurance program that covers the children of working families that have income too high for Medicaid coverage but cannot afford private health insurance. It provides health insurance for children age 6 to age 19. NC Health Choice has income levels up to 200% of the Federal Poverty level and provides a full package of health care benefits for children age 6 through age 18.

In order to receive NC Health Choice for children, a child cannot be eligible for Medicaid or be covered by private health insurance. The family may be required to pay an enrollment fee of $50 per child who is covered ($100 maximum per family) per year and pay a co-pay for medical services. Based on income, some families may be required to pay a yearly premium for coverage that never exceeds $100 per family.

If you discontinue existing medical coverage in order to receive NC Health Choice for Children, your children will not receive NC Health Choice until the month following the termination of insurance.

NC Health Choice is coverage through DMA, but is administered through social services because it is a publicly funded program governed by federal and state laws. This program can end or be frozen when funds are used up.