If my income is over the limits and I can’t meet a deductible, are there other programs?

Yes, the following programs are for adults who have Medicare. These programs may be referred to as Medicare Savings Programs.

  • The MQB-Q program (or Comprehensive Medicare-Aid) pays the Medicare Part A and B monthly premium, Medicare deductibles, and co-insurance, the Part A hospital deductible, 20% co-payment of Part B approved costs and co-payment for Medicare approved skilled nursing home care.
  • The MQB-B (or Limited Medicare-Aid) program and the MQB-E (Limited Medicare-Aid Capped Enrollment) program both pay the Medicare Part B monthly premium.
  • MQB-E (Limited Medicare-Aid Capped Enrollment) also covers only the Medicare Part B premium for those people whose income is too high to qualify for MQB-B.
  • MWD pays the Medicare Part A premium for disabled individuals who have lost eligibility for Medicare Part A due to earnings greater than the amount allowed by the Social Security Administration.
  • Some individuals who live in nursing homes qualify for Medicaid to pay for their cost of care. In addition, some individuals who are in need of nursing care can receive benefits under the Community Alternatives Program (CAP), which enables the person to stay home and receive needed services. There are additional requirements that must be met to qualify for these extra services. For example, there must be documented proof that the individual has a medical need for the services.
  • Some individuals in adult care homes (rest homes) are eligible for a check from the Special Assistance program to help pay for their care in the home. These individuals also receive Medicaid to help pay for their medical care.