Making A Report

If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, it is your legal obligation to report it. Please contact us by calling (336) 229-2908 or (336) 570-6532 or by visiting our office located at 319 N. Graham-Hopedale Road, Burlington, NC 27217. Please ask for the Child Protective Service Intake Worker when calling to make a report. Reports may be made during regular business hours Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. By law your identity and information will be kept private.A report can be made in writing. Please send your concerns to the above address.When you speak with one of our intake workers, please tell them everything that you have seen or are aware of and your concerns about the health, safety, and welfare of the children. Please provide the name, address, and age of the children, plus the name and address of the parent/caretaker. Your identity will remain confidential by law.

If the situation is an emergency, please dial 911.

For non-emergency situations during the night, holiday, or weekend hours, you may contact the Alamance County Central Communication (336) 570-6777 to request the on call social worker to make a report. Reports can also be made by contacting the Burlington Police Department (336) 229-3503, Graham Police Department (336) 570-6711, and the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office (336) 570-6300. These agencies are always open and willing to contact our on-call worker. Our worker will contact you regarding your report.

After a Report is Made

If the decision is made to accept the report for assessment, the report is assigned to the family assessment or the investigative assessment. A social worker is assigned the case and initiates contact with the family.

   After the worker has gathered all the important information, a decision must be made. The following are possible findings made for the report:

        Family Assessment:

        In Need of Services,

        Services Recommended,

        Services Provided, but no longer needed,

        Services Not Recommended

Investigative Assessment:

  • Substantiate
  • Unsubstantiate
  • The case decision is made in conjunction with other professionals at our agency as well as other community professionals. Unsubstantiated cases are closed. Cases with the following findings are closed after appropriate referrals have been made:

    • Services Recommended
    • Services Provided, but no longer Needed
    • Services Not Recommended and Unsubstantiated
  • Substantiated and In Need of Services reports are referred to the proper services for the family to receive the assistance they need to strengthen their ability to protect and care for their children, to help minimize the level of risk to the children, and to help ensure permanence in children’s lives
  • The family and reporter are notified of the results of the assessment. The reporter is given the option, at the beginning of the intake process, of whether or not to receive this notification. For reporters who choose not to share their contact information will not receive notification as to the status of the report.