Our Process
Our CPS social workers make prompt and complete assessments in order to discover the facts of the case and to determine the level of risk to the children.  They fairly assess each abuse/neglect/dependency referral that has been reported.  They also determine if there is ongoing neglect, abuse or dependency involved.  If there is enough evidence of abuse/neglect/dependency the referral is substantiated (found to be true) for further investigation/intervention.   If needed, law enforcement is involved and court action may begin when necessary.  Once we find there is need for further help, the families are referred to agency and/or community services.

The Steps of an investigative assessment:

1. Intake is the first step in the Child Protective Services process. All reports are screened during this process.  It is decided if further assessment is needed.
2. The assessment of risk immediately follows the report of suspected child abuse/neglect.
3. The assessment is a detailed process of gathering all the information to assess the truthfulness of the report and we measure the level of risk to the child.
4. We identify the needs and services that will help lessen the risk factors for further abuse/neglect/dependency to prevent the abuse or neglect from happening again so the healing process can begin in the treatment process.
5. The treatment process begins when the referral of abuse/neglect/dependency is substantiated (found to be true).  The case is assigned to a treatment social worker for follow-up.

Our case management/treatment/in home services are aimed to correct the problems that cause the neglect, abuse, or dependency.  Our goal is to preserve the family, by enhancing the family’s ability to protect and care for their children.  Through our treatment process we hope to reduce or eliminate the incidents of abuse/neglect/dependency.  We want to help the family function independently without our assistance.  We want to ensure permanence in children’s lives.

Some services we provide are:

counseling with the child’s family to work toward an answer to what is causing the  problems of neglect, abuse, dependency, or exploitation and preventing the neglect, abuse, dependency, or exploitation from happening again.
arranging services such as  foster care, day care, health and mental health services