What are some signs/symptoms of Abuse, Neglect, Dependency?


Any child whose parent/guardian:

�  Inflicts or allows serious physical injury other than accidental

�  Creates or allows a substantial risk of serious injury

�  Uses or allows cruel or grossly inappropriate procedures or devices to modify behavior

�  Commits, permits, encourages rape or other sexual offense, including the taking of pornographic images of the child

�  Creates or allows serious emotional damage

�  Encourages, directs, etc. delinquent acts involving moral turpitude by child


Any child who is not receiving proper care, supervision or discipline from parent/guardian.  Examples are:

�  Abandoned

�  Failure to provide necessary medical care

�  Failure to provide proper remedial care

�  Child lives in an environment injurious to the child’s welfare.

�  Placed for adoption in violation of law

�  Failure to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, supervision

�  Inappropriate discipline

It is relevant whether the child lives in a home where another child has died as a result of abuse or neglect, or been sexually abused or severally physically abused.


Dependency is when a child is in the need of placement because there is no parent/guardian/custodian/caretaker available to care for him/her, or the parent/guardian cannot provide care or supervision due to a physical or mental disability.