Child Care (Day Care)

The Subsidy Child Care Program provides services to families who qualify with a need for child care. Subsidy Child Care services are funded through State, Federal, and Smart Start funds. Alamance County Department of Social Services determines if a family qualifies and makes payment for child day care services according to state and federal policies.

The family must meet income eligibility requirements in order to be approved for services unless the service is available without regard to income. The parent may be required to pay a parental fee (a portion of the cost of care). The parental fee is based on the family’s income unit and family size.

For more information regarding the maximum gross monthly income limits, please visit our Maximum Gross Monthly Income Limit page.

Subsidy services are based on eligibility, the need for child care, and the availability of funds.

A waiting list is formed once funds have been depleted.

Alamance County currently has a waiting list for Child Care subsidy.

For more information, please visit our Child Care (Day Care) FAQs page.

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