Work First Employment Services

The Work First Employment Services program is based on the idea that all people have a responsibility to their families to work and provide for their children. The focus of our Work First Employment Services staff is to help Work First participants to become self-sufficient through employment. The program offers services such as counseling, financial planning, job readiness training, and job placement services. The goal of this program is to move families from dependence on public assistance to becoming self-sufficient within a specific amount of time.

Work First participants must sign a Mutual Responsibility Agreement (MRA) which is a detailed plan that outlines their goals for becoming self-sufficient. The plan is developed according to the participant’s needs. Work First benefits will be terminated if a participant does not sign the MRA.

Participants are required to be involved in work-related activities for a specific number of hours each week. The required hours range from 20-55 hours per week depending on the age of hte youngest child and if the family is a two-parent family. The hours can consist of one or more of the following program activities:

  • Work
  • Vocational Training
  • Job Search
  • Job Readiness
  • Work Experience
  • Community Service

For more information please see our Work First Employment Services FAQs page.

Helpful Links:
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