How are One Stop Early Voting Sites and Times Chosen? 


The members of the County Boards of Elections determine early voting sites and must unanimously agree on the sites, the days and the times. Some dates and times are legislatively mandated but the Members have the opportunity to approve additional days and hours. This process begins months ahead of time during the county budget process for the upcoming fiscal year when the County Commissioners vote on the requested departmental budget. 


The number of one stop sites chosen for each election is determined by historical early voting turnout for similar elections and the expected voter turnout for the upcoming election. 


There are several important considerations when choosing a facility to use as a One Stop Site. 


Facilities must be …

  1. Located in the most populous or centrally located areas of the county. 
  2. Willing to allow the Board of Elections to utilize the site all days and hours of voting and completely give up their access to the requested voting area for the security of the electoral process. 
  3. ADA handicap accessible  for voters and workers. This includes paved parking areas, accessible parking spaces, accessible entrances and exits and have a convenient location for curbside voting for voters unable to enter the polling place.
  4. Secure


Other considerations include …

  1. County population growth. 
  2. The number of workers from each political party available  to serve as one stop early voting officials. 
  3. The County budgetary funds ultimately approved for operation of the sites.