Candidate Filing 2023

Filing for the 2023 Municipal Election period begins July 7th at 12:00pm!

Determine office sought and prepare filing fee

Visit our ‘Upcoming Available Offices’ page to identify which office you wish to run for, noting the associated filing fee which will have to be paid in cash upon filing with the office.

If you are filing for an open office in a Municipality, you must be eligible to vote in the Municipality in which you plan to run for office.

Fill out your Notice of Candidacy

Those who file with the Alamance County Board of Elections will file in person at the ACBOE office; 115 S. Maple St. in Graham, NC.

Requirements for ‘Name on Ballot’ field, pursuant to N.C.G.S 163-294.2:

  • Name may be first and last, middle and last, or first, middle, and last
  • First and/or middle name may be abbreviated, but not last name
  • Allowed suffixes:
    • Jr./Sr.
    • I/II/III or other numbered hereditary names
  • Allowed titles:
    • Mr./Mrs./Miss./Ms.
  • All other suffixes and titles are prohibited, including but not limited to:
    • Esq.
    • MD/PhD and all other doctorate or certification suffixes
    • Dr./Hon./Judge and all other honorific titles
    • General/Col. and all other military titles
  • A nickname, either in place of a first or middle name or following said name in parentheses, is permitted with the completion of the ‘Nickname Affidavit’ section of the Notice of Candidacy form with the following restrictions:
    • The nickname cannot be nonsense (e.g. ‘Da Bomb’ or ‘Votes Go Here’)
    • The nickname cannot indicate any rank, status, or position such as ‘Judge’ or ‘Doctor’

Felony Conviction Considerations

Pursuant to N.C.G.S 163-106(e) (applicable to Municipal Elections as well under N.C.G.S 163-295), if you have ever been convicted of a felony anywhere in the United States you are required to disclose this in the appropriate section on the Notice of Candidacy form, and must fill out the Felony Disclosure Form to be submitted with your filing fee and notice of candidacy. Failure to disclose any felony convictions will disqualify you from candidacy.

Note that in Alamance County, these forms will be provided for you in the office at 115 S. Maple St. in Graham, NC.

Bring your cash filing fee with you to the office during Candidate Filing

The filing fee should be brought in person to the Alamance County Board of Elections office on 115 S Maple St. in Graham, NC during the candidate filing period.

The candidate filing period for this year will begin on December 6th at 12:00pm and run until December 17th at 12:00pm.