Voter Cards and Advocacy Mailings

If you have received mail that you believe is from the Board of Elections, please consider the answers provided to the following questions:

Is the mailing actually from us?

Many voting advocacy groups regularly send out packages of registration information, often including real registration forms. This is helpful in increasing participation in the voting process, but can be confusing to those not familiar with registration administrative details.

If you receive mail from the Alamance County Board of Elections, it will be a 5.5 x 3.75in yellow or green card and will have been mailed from 1128 S. Main St. Graham, NC 27253 or an official letter from the Director of Elections regarding a polling place change or other administrative matter.

The Alamance County Board of Elections provides voter registration forms, but does not actively send them out en masse by mail. This is done by non-profit voter advocacy groups. Please take the following advice if you receive one of these mailings:

  • If you are already registered and receive a registration form from an advocacy group, you do not have to respond or re-register. If information is required of you by us, it will be requested in the form of one of the aforementioned yellow or green cards, or you will be contacted directly about it by phone.
  • If you are not registered, feel free to fill out the registration form that was sent to you and send it back to us or bring it to our office. The forms that these groups send are not fake, they are real blank registration forms, which we make available to those who wish to distribute them as part of campaigns to increase voter registration. The current form looks like this but may also be the Federal version, which looks different, or (less likely) older versions of the two. If you are skeptical of how a form looks, contact us with the office information at the bottom of the page.
  • If you are unsure if you are registered or not, visit the State Board of Elections’ Voter Search Tool and enter your information. If you are present in the system you will show up in the search tool (be sure to check the box next to ‘Registered’ not ‘Removed or Denied’).
  • If you discover that any information in these mailings contradicts what you have been told by our office or the State Board of Elections office, or have any questions about the mailing, its origin, or any of the information in it call or email us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Have you moved?

You must re-register every time you move.

Please update your address by completing a Registration Application or by completing the back of your current voter registration card/administrative mailing and mailing it back to us at 1128 S. Main St. Graham, NC 27253.

Moved within Alamance County?

Voters who are currently registered in Alamance County can scan and email or fax their change of address on the application form to our office without providing the paper copy. Our fax number is 336-570-6757.  However please note, as per North Carolina Statutes 163-82.6(c) and (e), we cannot accept email or faxed signatures for New Registrations or a Change of Party Affiliation, unless said New Registration is completed online through the DMV. In these cases a paper copy is still required to be provided within 20 days.

Have you received a Voter Registration Card for someone who does not live at your address?

Please write on the mailing: “NOT AT THIS ADDRESS,” draw a line through the barcode under the address and place back in your mailbox. No postage is necessary.  In order for us to remove the voter from your address, we need their signature OR two (2) pieces of returned mail.

Thank you for helping ensure we have accurate voter registration lists!