July 9, 2015

This morning the SOAR Award was presented to the Employee of the Quarter:

Mrs. Janna Elliott of Alamance County Public Health Department 

Mrs. Elliott will be presented as the winner at the next evening meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

Fellow nominees for this Quarter included:

Susana Goldman-Alamance County Public Libraries
Amanda Shoop-Alamance County Public Libraries
Christie Sykes-Alamance County Public Health
Jesse Ayers-Public Buildings
Scott Rhoads-Fire Marshal’s Office
Dr. James Fetner-Dental Clinic
Cindy McGilvray-Alamance County Social Services
Tracy Perry-Public Buildings
Edwina DeRosa-Passport Services
Tammy Stewart-Alamance County Public Libraries
Bryant Kidd-Emergency Medical Services
Tracey Saunders-Emergency Medical Services
Ron King-MIS
Katie Harper-GIS
Sue Pivarnick-MIS
Karen Medlin-Dental Clinic

All of these employees display excellence in their respective fields.  Please join me in congratulating all of the nominees.

Craig F. Honeycutt

County Manager

Janna Elliott, Administrative Officer I with the Alamance County Health Department, was nominated for Alamance County’s SOAR Award for Employee Excellence during the 4th Quarter, FY 2014-2015. Below is an excerpt from the submitted nomination forms.

An employee submitted a request for training at a very late date and, since it was out of town travel, requested an ASAP turn-around time from the BOC. Janna stayed late one night, a few hours after all BOC requests were to be submitted, and asked for an exception so that employee request could be addressed at next Board meeting. (Employee was granted travel request!)
Janna is especially valued in her HR work because of her ability to be professional in executing her duties and, at the same time honest about the situation. Most remarkable, in my opinion, is that she consistently has a buoyant attitude and pulls people up into that positive frame of experience more often than not. She is diligent in responding to requests, meets those challenging budget deadlines as well.

In addition to the qualities mentioned above, Janna is engaged in the public health mission of the organization as opposed to someone who addresses budget and HR issues with a detached approach. She communicates these values frequently – as in the role of MC at staff meetings and in individual conversations.

Anybody who knows Janna knows that she can quite literally do anything! She is known as the public health first responder. If a co-worker is in need, she finds a way to stretch herself to help, guide or facilitate resources. She thrives on challenges.

Janna is direct, yet kind and nurturing. She is the ultimate team player.