October 8, 2015

This morning the SOAR Award was presented to the Employee of the Quarter:

Ms. Tampa Enoch-Reese of the Alamance County Public Libraries
Ms. Enoch-Reese will be presented as the winner at the next evening meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

Fellow nominees for this Quarter included:

Wendy Brunick-DSS
Tiffany Dunn-DSS
David Leonard-FMO
Kevin Martin-Central Communications
John Moon-Sheriff’s Department
Dan Cubino-Sheriff’s Department
Scott Ward-MIS
Joshua Kennedy-Detention Center
Ronald Szymankiewicz-Detention Center
Anthony Jones-Detention Center
Sean Bermel-Detention Center
Shari Vassello-Library
Ron King-MIS
Kevin Isley-EMS
Lori Lafferty-DSS
Michelle Mills-Library
Richard Hill-Maintenance
Katrina Jackson-DSS
Jennifer Scott-WIC

All of these employees display excellence in their respective fields. Please join me in congratulating all of the nominees.

Craig F. Honeycutt
County Manager