How do I know where my septic or well is located?

If you need this information for your records, send an email to including your address and anything else to help us identify your property and we will locate any records. We do not maintain detailed well records prior to 1990.

Do I need an environmental health permit for house additions, detached structures or pools?

If you have a septic system or well, a permit is likely needed from our office. Alamance County Building Inspections may require a permit from our department to ensure you are meeting septic and well setbacks. An environmental health permit is needed for above ground and inground pools as well as all structures larger than 12’ X 12’.

Do you inspect septic systems for functionality when selling a home or if system has not been in use?

Environmental Health does not perform functionality inspections. A list of septic inspectors can be found at .

How far must my septic system be from my property line?

Most components of a septic system must be a minimum of 10’ from a property line.

How far does a well need to be from a septic system?

A well should be 50’ from a septic unless the system is installed in saprolite, then it should be 100’.

Does Environmental Health fix my septic?

No, we investigate the system failure and issue a repair permit. A licensed septic contractor will complete the repair work.

How often should I pump my septic tank and do I need a permit?

It is recommended that you pump your tank every three to five years. No, you do not need a permit to pump your tank.

Do you test residential water and is there a cost? How often should I test my water?

Yes and no. We do not test water from municipal sources. We do collect water from existing residential wells and send to the NC Public Health State Lab for testing. Associated fees are listed on fee schedule posted on our website. It is recommended that well water be tested for bacteria annually and inorganic chemicals every two years. If there are concerns about petroleum, pesticides or herbicides, test every five years.

Where can I file a complaint?

Complaints may be submitted on our website using the “File a Complaint” tab or by clicking here.