Do you drink water? Does your child attend day care? Do you eat in restaurants? Does your child eat in a school cafeteria? Do you ever stay in a hotel? Do you swim in a public swimming pool? Do you have a dog or a cat? Do you purchase hamburger from a grocery store? Does your home have peeling paint? Do you flush your toilet? Do your neighbors dispose of their garbage properly? Are you considering a tattoo? Do you have a family member or a friend in a nursing home? Have you ever been a patient in a hospital? Have you ever had a problem with mosquitoes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the work that is done by the Environmental Health Specialists at your local health department touches your life.

Public Health has been called the silent miracle. The health of the citizens of Alamance County is affected every day by the environmental health programs.

The Environmental Health Section of the Alamance County Health Department is committed to protecting and improving the public’s health in Alamance County.  Environmental Health Specialists enforce state and local laws, rules, and ordinances in more than ten program areas.  Specialists also provide science-based education about local environmental issues to residents who rely everyday on safe food, land, water, and air.