Image of a children's playground

Child care facilities are permitted by the Division of Child Development.

Child Care Facilities are inspected twice per year by an environmental health specialist (EHS). During these inspections, the EHS observes and talks with facility personnel about procedures related to diaper changing, food service and preparation, storage of chemicals and medicine as well as general sanitation. Child Care Facilities receive a score based on the number violations found during the inspection. There is a demerit system in which a classification of superior, approved, provisional or disapproved is awarded based on the demerits received.

  • To receive a superior, a demerit score of less than 15 must be achieved with no 6 demerit items deducted.
  • An approved is received if the demerit score is more than 15 but less than 30.
  • A provisional classification is assigned if any 6 demerit item is violated or if the total demerit score is more than 30 but not more than 45. If the demerit score is 46 or more, or if the conditions which resulted in a provisional classification have not been corrected in the time period specified by the Environmental Health Specialist, then the establishment will be placed in a disapproved status.

If the provisional status exceeds 7 days, or if the child care facility is disapproved, the Division of Child Development is notified immediately for further action. At the end of the inspection, a classification card is posted in a conspicuous place designated by the EHS.