Existing wastewater system authorizations are needed in the following situations:

  • Replacing a mobile home
  • Dividing property with an existing septic system on at least one of the remaining properties
  • Adding on to a home or business (excludes bedrooms or offices that will increase the daily sewage flow – an Improvement Permit is needed in these cases)
  • Any additions to your home where digging is required, such as a swimming pool, a cement patio, or a detached garage.
  • In some cases, when power/electricity is needing to be restored.

An EHS probing a drainfield for location

Existing Septic System Inspection Application

What is an Existing Wastewater System Authorization?

An Environmental Health Specialist will go out to your property and probe out the existing septic tank and existing drainfield.  If a determination can be made that the existing septic system is working properly and does not interfere with any new additions or replacements, and Existing Wastewater System Authorization will be granted.

Instructions for Obtaining an Existing System Authorization

  1.  Complete and submit application (FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY) and submit appropriate fee to our Department.
  2. Any changes – all types of structures such as buildings, swimming pools, additions, etc. – MUST BE CLEARLY IDENTIFIED/STAKED OFF ON THE PROPERTY.
  4. Environmental Health Specialist will go out to check septic tank and drainfield.
  5. Environmental Health Specialist will approve or deny system.
  6. If the system is approved, the Environmental Health Specialist will draw up a septic tank permit (which is called an Existing Wastewater System Authorization) and give to you to take the Building Inspections Department (located at 201 W Elm St, Graham, NC, 336-570-4057) to obtain the necessary permits from their agency.

***If the number of existing bedrooms is to be increased, then a soil evaluation/upgrade application must be completed. Refer to site/soil evaluation procedures.