Public health protects everyone who lives, works, or visits Alamance County from health threats every day – and when disaster strikes.  For instance, we work to assure food and drinking water are safe and prevent sickness from spreading.

Your Alamance County Health Department helps the whole community prepare for tomorrow’s emergencies. One way is by providing hundreds of vaccines to protect against flu and other preventable diseases each year.  This work protects each of us and all of us together from more serious outbreaks and also gets us ready with other local partners to distribute and dispense medication on a mass scale in an epidemic.

When our community and workforce and families are prepared, we will not only save lives, we will spend less money and be able to respond and recover from an emergency.

Public health functions in an outbreak

public health responderHere are a few of the ways the Health Department has been actively preventing sickness and protecting against disruption of work, school, and community life in Alamance County:

  • Spearheaded efforts with local health and childcare providers to reduce infant exposures to whooping cough;
  • Followed through with patrons and retailers to trace back and eliminate contaminated food at the source, preventing further illness;
  • Helped a food service facility recover after an emergency, so they could continue serving food safely;
  • Advised families and neighborhoods how to prevent sickness when they lost power and their drinking water well was flooded.

There are many ways you can prepare yourself, your family, school, or workplace for an emergency. Do One Thing, Make a Plan today!

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The Alamance County Medical Reserve Corps is our local unit of the nationwide network to engage volunteers, both medical and non-medical, to strengthen public health, emergency response and community resilience.  Join us!