Letter to the Editor

Cindy Brady, Family Justice Center of Alamance County | June 2016


Dear Editor,

I read with interest the weekly commentary by Pastor Mark Fox in the Times-News on June 11, 2016. As the Director of the Family Justice Center, my perception about the context of the question “are you safe” takes on a different meaning than Reverend Fox, but is equally important. Within the context of violence, this three-word question offers a very important first step toward safety for domestic violence victims.

First, I want to applaud Cone Health/Alamance Regional Medical Center for their commitment to a violence-free community, which they demonstrate by having a standard practice that insists they speak with patients alone and ask “are you safe?” For many victims, this may be the first time they have been out of earshot and able to speak truthfully about the batterer’s abusive actions.

I also want to recognize the many other professionals who echo the question “are you safe” from within their own discipline and who then work tirelessly to assist those for whom a safety strategy is a daily concern.

Alamance County has chosen to attack this issue aggressively and relentlessly because what we know is that victims who feel that it is safe to come forward will do so. And, the more opportunities a victim has to answer this question, no matter where they enter the door for services, the more likely they are to feel supported enough to move themselves toward safety.

If someone is experiencing domestic violence, they should contact the Family Justice Center at 336-570-6019 or Family Abuse Services’ 24/7 crisis line at 336-226-5985.



Cindy Brady

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